making a splash

Ever been  given information or training and felt it was coming at you from a from a firehose ? Coming at you so fast that you think you'll drown if it doesn't slow down. You just can't hold it all and are left feeling like you need to review everything you just learned !! Been there and done that ! 


KNowedgeDrop was born from the idea that good things come in small packages. Our goal is to deliver drops of information that are easy to retain. We cover a wide range of topics meant to enlighten and refresh our community of learners. 

So how do we best describe our "Drops". Drops are small learning modules that are 

  • Simple - Easy to use and administer  

  • Focused  - Complex topics or skills broken down into specific modules 

  • Measurable - Learning is tracked and measured 

  • Accessible  - Microlessons designed for anywhere anytime learning

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